Michael Curran, Publisher Ottawa Business Journal Great River Media


"I've been training with Victory for five years and, without a doubt, it's greatly contributed to my well-being. Regular occurrences of back pain (sitting too long) and wrist pain (typing on the computer too much) are long gone. They've been replaced with an overall feeling of strength from head to toe.

Even after all these years at Victory, the workouts continue to evolve on a weekly basis, almost never the same. And they strike the right balance in being rigorous without risking injury."

"Training at Victory is part of a winning strategy to improve your health."

Jackie Pelot, Veterinarian

"When I first met Anna at Victory, it was shortly after a time of great personal loss. Between the stress and grief of that time and my night shiftwork, I was a mess. I started doing strength training with Anna, and a few months later I took up boxing. It changed everything! The way I feel, the way I carry myself – I perform better in other activities such as dancing and horseback riding, and my endurance has improved, which helps me cope better with shiftwork.

Boxing provides a euphoric release from whatever stress is occupying me. I love what Victory has done for me, and I love the relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Thanks Anna and Stitch!"

"I started training at Victory a couple times a week and then I had the opportunity to participate in The Plan. I love food, I am obsessed with food, and I am skeptical at regimented programs. I am also a small business owner with a very busy schedule. One thing I loved about this program was the freedom from thinking about food, shopping for food, and preparing food. I actually enjoyed the additional time I had to focus on other elements of my business and my life. I experienced calmness, greater focus, and sustained energy throughout the day. The meals were delicious and very satisfying, they reflected the high quality and carefully selected produce and proteins. The process identifies the foods that cause inflammation particular to yourself. It is an amazing way to identify what foods are friendly and what ones are problematic, it can be very surprising! A side benefit of The Plan was a loss in weight, inches, and increased physical endurance. It is a wonderful process and I highly recommend it!"

Elizabeth Kilvert, Owner
The Unrefined Olive